Welcome to BLUE 360°

At BLUE 360º, we believe that in order to be indispensable, one must be different.
One must have a uniqueness. Ours is to strive day and night so as to make all our
stakeholders feel proud. Modestly, even our customers affirm that the events we
organise can be defined with just one word: perfect.
Vesna Markovic
Managing Director at BLUE 360°

We know our business well

We possess a multi-national team comprised of professionals, with many years of experience as Executives in multinational or global companies, who decided to join together in Barcelona and undertake a common project: to organise perfect events, without the bureaucratic impediments that characterise large organizations.

We have a lot to tell you

Get to know us in depth by visiting the following links on this webpage: Activity Description, Operational Policy, Stakeholders and What do others say about us?

Additionally, if you wish, we can come to your Company to explain to you what we
do and what we are capable of. Would you like to meet with us? Send us an email:

We do the job we like,
and we do it well

As you may have noticed, we love to describe ourselves. Moreover, we find it quite
easy, since we have made our dream reality: to work for ourselves within a team
that we wanted to form so much.

We will surprise you here, on Earth!

What we can promise you is dedication, effort, ethics and perfection in everything
we do. If you would like to, you can ask us for the Moon*, but first let us show you
that we can still surprise you on Earth.

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